Monday, August 9, 2010

080 pc15 life

Yeah, this is a little out of order in posting, but somehow I liked ending the series in the blog here with "Life" instead of "Dream".

The childhood song just popped in my head. I disagree that life is but a dream, that our actions - our efforts in perfecting the rowing of the boat and be happy while doing it - are meaningless in the grander scheme. Maybe it is up to each individual to transcend that dreamlike, boundaried (stream) life into a worthwhile reality...

079 pc21 dream

078 pc20 see

077 pc19 heap

076 pc18 flowers

075 pc17 sunshine

074 pc16 nowhere

073 pc14 stanza

072 pc13 paramita

Pāramitā. The Lotus Sutra named 6 perfections:
1.Dāna pāramitā: generosity, the giving of oneself
2.Śīla pāramitā : virtue, discipline, proper conduct
3.Kṣānti (kshanti) pāramitā : patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance
4.Vīrya pāramitā : energy, diligence, effort
5.Dhyāna pāramitā : concentration, contemplation
6.Prajñā pāramitā : wisdom

Through these perfection of wisdoms, we're to transcend from our egocentric behaviour... hm...

071 pc12 lands

The word here is out of context vis a vis The Diamond Sutra, but it reminds me of "Pure Land", the sect of Mahayana Buddhism that one would reach liberation, awakening, salvation and the Pure Land of Bliss (Sukhavati; 净土) through prayers and devotion to the Amitabha, instead of solitary meditative work. It's interesting, as that seems contrary to the Buddhist tradition that there's a supreme being as world creator and adjudicator of humanity's fate.

Sometimes, despite myself, I find rules and regulations (and logia) grounding...

070 pc11 samadhi

Samādhi or 三摩地. It's one of the traditional Buddhist practices of meditation, the 8th and highest level of the Yoga Sutra, it's a "state" where joy and happiness disappear, where only extreme peace exists in the heart... At least that's my unenlightened understanding of the term.

One of my oldest and dearest friends is on a similar yet very different journey with our religious and artistic directions. I think it's interesting, the way she spends time in retreats and monasteries, and meditates. I think it would drive me bonkers to be so confined, and live with such strict rules. (Sometimes I think my id asserts itself via jaywalking and taking photographs in temples with 'no photography' signs ((Come on, I'm sure the gods and bodhisattvas don't mind/care.))) Despite my friend's attempts, I don't think I'll ever get the hang of traditional meditation. That said, the 'how to' on meditation seems to be about working to control the mind and release the self. It seems that I can do that and do that easily during the creative process. According to the literature, in the highest transcendent state of consciousness, nothing but pure awareness remains and nothing detracts from wholeness and perfection. Isn't that kinda like a "creative zone"?